The facilities include two yards with 22 stables, foaling stable, a six horse walker, all-weather paddocks and outdoor lunging ring.

The stud is divided into 15 paddocks all sheltered, post and rail fenced. All paddocks are connected to an internal roadway and some have feeding and holding pens attached to them.

The mares and foals graze on the highest quality limestone land. Careful pasture management ensures that the land continues to offer the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and heath of young horses.

Hazel is backed up by her experienced staff and the stud uses the veterinary practice of O’Byrne & Halley, with the backing of the world-renowned Fethard Equine Veterinary Hospital, which is itself located within easy reach of all the top stallion farms.

Grassland - Our Green Gold

The key to our success, is first and foremost our grassland. Second to none in the world, carefully managed and nurtured, this is the very foundation on which all else is built. Grass grows better and for far longer in Ireland, than almost anywhere else in the entire world, ideal for the development and growth of young horses.

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle for good reason and nowhere is this more true than in the shadow of the Galtee Mountains in the Golden Vale of Tipperary and Ballinalard Stud.

Facilities Overview
Foaling Boxes
Foaling Boxes

Large foaling stable with CCTV

22 Boxes in 2 Yards

Our 22 boxes are contained in 2 separate yards.

All Weather Paddocks
3 All Weather Paddocks
We have 3 purpose built all weather paddocks at our disposal in Ballinalard.
Fenced Paddocks
100 Acres in 15 Paddocks
The key to all of the above facilities, is our 100 acres of free draining, limestone land, split into 15 well fenced paddocks and regulalry soil tested to keep soil fertility at optimum.
Vet Services
Veterinary Service
Our on-site veterinary services are provided by the world renowned O’Byrne and Halley.
Sales Preparation
Sales Preparation
At Ballinalard Stud, we have an excellent track record in sales preparation of horses.